Welcome to Nerdspot!

So first, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those of whom have supported my previous website KI-Spot. Unfortunately that site has since become completely inactive and will be coming down officially before too long.

That said, I’m excited to announce I am bringing back my first website project. As I just alluded to, this site has been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, previous articles, pictures and features were removed a few months ago, and I am unable to recover them. That said, I’m super excited to bring this site back into light with a fresh new design and a new mission.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Justin AKA Spada. I play video games, love movies and TV. I indulge in a LOT of nerdy endeavors.┬áTo give you an idea, the point of this site will be to talk about all the nerdy stuff that I indulge in. This will include information on games, new and old, movies, comics, television shows and really whatever else my heart desires. Expect reviews, previews and a multitude of other coverage.

It will take some time to get everything back to where this site was in terms of content, but I’m excited to begin working.

Also, I’d like to extend out a call for help. Anyone at all that would like to participate in posting articles, news, details, reviews or anything else, please let me know. I can be reached at:

Twitter: @Talari0Spada

Email: justinfreehill@yahoo.com

Like I mentioned, I’m super excited to get this going. So look forward to a lot more content in the coming weeks! Until then, thanks for stopping by!

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